Zanzibar Holidays

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago located 6 degrees south of the Equator and 22 miles off the cost of East Africa. It comprises the islands of Unguja, Pemba and a number of smaller islands and collectively they form part of Tanzania, East Africa. The total population of Zanzibar is approximately 1.1 Million people and the economy is largly based on agriculture athough tourism has become a strong contributor to the economy in the last few years.

Zanzibar’s rich heritage of culture, defined as Swahili, meaning “coastal”, is a blend of influences from the African mainland and the nations bordered by the Indian Ocean all the way to China. Influences range from the early settlers from Africa’s interior to early sea-faring Assyrians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, to later day Persians, Omanis, Indians, Chinese, Portuguese and the English. Zanzibar Holidays

What makes Zanzibar special?

What makes Zanzibar different to other tropical island destinations is the eclectic mix of sun, sea, sand and spice. But there is much more – vivid history, culture and a variety of excursions that makes this one of the most popular all-round beach destinations for people of all ages and interests.  Apart from this, a whole range of endangered species can be found in the warm tropical waters around the archipelago – from bottlenose dolphins and green turtles to the once assumed extinct coelecanth! Zanzibar Holidays